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What to expect

I approach training like an investigator, Working to understand the causes and meanings of each dog's behavior. Every dog is different with a specific life history that includes many factors such as environment, exposure to events, fears, and other influences that lead to particular behaviors. Each behavior serves a function. Dogs continue to engage in a behavior when the behavior works to gain or avoid a consequence.

During the first meeting I ask a lot of questions and listen closely to begin to learn the particular meanings and motivations of your dog's behaviors.

I use Applied Behavior Analysis, a scientific technique that analyzes the principles of Learning Theory and applies them to effect behavior change it focuses on observable behavior as opposed to hypothetical constructs or labels. 

Even if your dog went through training in the past, the Basic Manners Review facilitates better focus and engagement from your dog acting as a strong foundation as we move on to work on specific skills to help your dog feel comfortable in the environment. 

I will create a management plan for you and your dog. 

Management is setting up your dog's environment to prevent problem behavior before it starts. It may also mean avoiding situations where your dog is likely to do something you don't want. Using management is being proactive and thinking about ways to prevent unwanted behavior rather than trying to react after it has happened.

Management can be part of a bigger training plan or long-term solution by itself.

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